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Welcome Crescent Public school

Crescent Public School, Mannancherry ,Alappuzha Dt was established in 1994 and is following CBSE syllabus. The School is owned and managed by Crescent Foundation that was organized in 1994 with a view to the development of this rural area and its inhabitants in the field of arts,science,medicine,agriculture,industry etc. It is particularly aimed at the uplift of Muslim community who keeps the most backward position in educational, economic and professional fields .The institution focuses not only on academic excellence but the cultural and spiritual empowerment of the youth also. The School aims to produce citizens with a keen sense of commitment, responsibility, self-confidence, honesty, social consciousness and initiative.


Information Technology

There is a well organized computer lab with trained teachers in the school. The lab is provided with internet connectivity and students can gather information outside the syllabus and class rooms using the internet connectivity.

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Co-Curricular Activities

The school has fairly good facilities for outdoor games and indoor games. A wide range of activities are organized by the students through the advice and support of the teachers.

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