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Faculty members

The school has well qualified, trained and experienced staff members in all sections of the school- the Kindergarten, the Primary and Secondary. All the teachers here are rich in their teaching experience and subject knowledge. The school also makes sure that they frequently attend various workshops to hone their skills in teaching.


No: Name Qualification
1 Ambili.P (Principal) M.Sc B.Ed
No: Name Qualification
1 Jijimol.T.P B.Sc, B.Ed
2 Shamla.S M.A, B.Ed
3 Sasikala.V.R B.Sc. B.Ed
4 Sumadevi.V.A M.A, LTT
5 Sangeetha.V M.A. B.Ed
6 Usha Thomas.K.T B.A, B.Ed
7 Sajeera.P.K M.A. B.Ed
8 Beena.S.Nair B.A, CTTC
9 Rafeekha A B.A, B.Ed
10 Sheeba S M.A. B.Ed
11 Manju.R B.A, B.Ed
12 Vijaya Kumar.N C.P.Ed
13 Babu Joseph C.Lib.Sc.
14 Bindumol.N PDC, PPTTC
15 Sajimol.H SSLC,PPTTC
16 Mini.K.S MA, PGDCA
17 Fousia.A BSc, B.Ed
18 Athira Bose B.Sc.B.Ed, KTET
19 Meera S Nair B.Com.TTC
20 Bindu Bhaskar Hindi.Praveen, B.Ed
21 Mubeena.K D.Ed
22 Renjini.R M.A, B.Ed
23 Sreekala K R Bsc, B.Ed